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Add new food

I would like for you to add turkey to the foods.  I had so much fun when you had quests to add new food.

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I will say this in advance. sorry if I am posting in the wrong spot. now to my suggestions. I think it would be really cool if we could get biscuits and gravy as well as some other breakfast dishes to cook since the saying goes breakfast is the most important meal of the day lol

Hi there!

We have been adding new dishes to the game in the last 2 months and we'll be adding more. And we'll also have new quests soon!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

PS: Topaz, we see that you like Turkish food. We'll think about it ^_^

I wouldn't mind seeing some new food though not sure of which foods have made an appearance yet since I just recently picked back up at playing.

Top 5 Foods I would like to see:

  1. Turkish Delights
  2. Divinities
  3. tea and cookies
  4. Turkey Cacciatore
  5. Lace Cookies

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