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Expanding your cafe

The cost of expanding at 21x21, is not possible for most cafeland players, the price should include coins like the awards you recieve for servicing so many customers, you get a statue for that, why can't you expand the same way, 

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Mohli by to spraviť, aby sa rozširovalo za mince. 

I agree with Gwen. Make expansion easier for the Cafeland players. It really takes too long. Don't have the coins nor the cash.

I haven't been able to expand for like 6months, I just don't get the expandy cards any more.

i disgusted  with not being able to expand  cause they want cash not coin   and they wont change it  i wrote  many times  and they just seen things they got it and send reply with in 2 days but when doing it  you got to put personal  passwords,    cant go no farther   should stop playing  im thinking of it  ,  no matter how much  i make coin  i  cant go foward 

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I used to be able to get an expansion for coins but now I cannot myself, I have a 20 x 20 cafe and I wanted to get a bigger one myself but I have not gotten to a level where I can pay with coins or they are just not doing that anymore, and that really make me mad, because I need an expansion right now, not when I can afford it, because for that kind of money it would takes months for me to get it, I would love it if they would go back to letting us pay with coins and not having it so dang expensive Run 3 online.

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