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spring break quest broken?

is anyone else not able to send rainbow jello in the first part of the spring break quest? i've sent 15 of them 3 times and the game doesn't register them, it still says 0/15.

Yes I am having the same problem and also on the tentacle pies quest.  I have sent a ticket to have them fix it but no answer yet.

I am having the problem as well.  Finally paid cash to complete the rainbow jello task and now same thing with Fruit Plate on the 8th task in quest.  

 quest fruchtkuchen fon funktioniert nicht

Mine is working now and it started to work before I had to pay to get it done,  Hopefully it will not happen again.  Sorry you had to pay.

I've submitted 3 tickets now for the same problem & it's still not been fixed it's getting very frustrating. 

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