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Lucky Chef Spinner

I would like to know why this lucky chef spin was does not appear in my game, I'm already at level 13 now I still do not get this.. is this because of IOS, I see android has it.. I'm not sure.. please get back to me on this issue.

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How to solve this.. I have the same problem
The spinner missing from mine to i have six free spins to do n its not showing up..

The lucky chef spinner gave me 1000 coins instead of prize 3 times on the prize logo. I am wasting my hearts. (this is on the new St Patricks Day board.  I'm upset.

I am also getting the 1000 coins instead of the reward

Yeh, mine is the same too..  The gift comes up in the spin and all I get is 1000 Coins instead..
So hopefully they fix it pretty soon..

mine is the same getting coins instead of gifts wasteing hearts please fix it

I had it on the ios and it just went away. If you find out how to get it back let me know
Mine is also missing since yesterday
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