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More Cafe Cash

I do appreciate getting the $5.00 in Cafe Cash every time we level up.  But that really isn't enough when all the better stoves and the wonderful decorations cost so much.  I was wondering if there was any way you could let us earn more?  Perhaps add Cafe Cash to the Taste Traffic Challenge as the 3rd prize..I'm sure it would get more people trying to finish it and using hearts to do it.

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I agree with Lycia, I also really want more ability to have Cafe cash.  I redesign my cafe looks when I have a few hours to play.  While I cook, I change floor plans and would really like some of the other options.  

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 yes we need more cash ,, all amazing things are bought only with cash, its not fair for us we cant afford to buy cash,,

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seems like mine is an old surgeston then but i would like to get cash as well cant we swop coins for cash i agree with all the others

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