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Not receiving my units for my money paid.

You had a Mothers Day special for $15 which was paid on May 18th but I got nothing.

I read and reread what your policy is. This is nuts. You gonna refund money plus take out the units? I never got anything. What kind of a scam you running here? You better fix this or everyone will know and I will NEVER buy a dime for units again. Which would save me lots of money since its on a charge. In fact I don't even need to play anymore. This is not a fun game anyway. Now your stealing from me. Don't write to me about your policy. Its crap.

Hi there,

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us through the "Contact Us" button below the game screen, so we can check your game logs and manage the offered amount to your game.

Thanks for your understanding and have a good day!

I have had some hearts disappear when on 08/21/17 I had over 50 hearts now today 08/22/17 they have all gone missing except for 8. I would like the return of what was left of my hearts that I purchased

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