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Party level

How do you level up a Party? I keep having them and I am always at level one.

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You level up at parties by collecting the party stickers. And per party has 4 squares. The stickers should cover all 4 squares. And you'll level up
I do not understand about "party stickers". What is that & where are they found?


You get Random party stickers when you their parties.
You get random party stickers When you throw parties
No puedo subir de nivel a pesar de tener todos los stickers
Estoy usando Google Translate. a veces se necesitan muchas pegatinas antes de subir de nivel. si giras la rueda del chef, a veces obtienes los adhesivos morados, que son mejores ya que te dan pegatinas 100% nuevas en lugar de repetir las mismas pegatinas antiguas. recuerda aplicar las pegatinas, eso es todo 
I have a party with all 4 squares lit and no level up. I have even thrown parties after all 4 squares were lit, and still have not leveled up.
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