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Loosing CL & hearts

The tasks cost CL's I paid 600,000CL for Jazzy and the game did not recognize it but it was put in my cafe I had to buy a second one! Tonight I had to buy 5 wall decorations, I did buy 5 musical notes costing 6,000CL each the game gave me credit for 2 but deducted the CL's. I went back in and purchased the ring/yang  for 8,000 CL it was deducted it is in my cafe but it still did not complete my task so I was suppose to purchase 5 , I purchased 6 and it only gave me credit for 2 tasks! I have been purchasing credits but feel this is a scam for I have written Facebook and no one wants to help my next action is to contact PayPal and fight the payments for hearts are disappearing too . Please look into this.

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