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Problem with quest progession

Have been having problems with quest that ask to send gift to friends. I sent it 4 times in different days and it still doesn't register  the gift sending objective as done. Currently stuck at  step 4  kitchen frenzy quest chain and party for everybody.

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i already finisheh tha quest for the spiky fruit but it didn;t unlocked when i cheched it out in my recipe  book.

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I'm having the same problem with the Fruitcake phone and now with the Haunted Garden mission too :(


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Can someone from Cafeland please answer our question???? I have the same problem with not being able to send gifts to friends, like send 10 fruit plates and I send to 50 people and still nothing!!!!!!! The only way to complete is to pay $ 134,00 cafe cash if I want to go on. Am really getting tired of this.....

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I cannot complete quest #9, I have been sending the green apples to all friends for 2 days now, and I am only suppose to send 10, the friends are getting them, but the quest won't complete to go to the next one.

Im on level 300 and seems to be stuck on a quest, I can’t receive any of the items from friends, my friends are getting them, and sending them back but I can’t receive them please help. I’m on quest 11 of the granny quest

Seems like this is a useless feed that no one ever answers. I'm having the same problem with the quests...and I see people have been having the problem for an entire year and nobody is doing anything about it. I think a better option would be to just delete the game..they obviously dont care.

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I keep purchasing (coins) for tasks/quests, 2 musical note wall decorations, 3 of this , and its not giving me credit in the quest. I have had to buy at least double the amount asked for to finally get anywhere, if at all. They are NEW, and NOT taken out of my inventory, I don't have the maximum amount. Will delete game if its this much trouble.

ever since i added new friends i have not been able to complete any quest that states i need to send plates of food. i repeatedly send the required recipes and it never registers and can not progress. get to point where i'm ready to stop playing all together. i don't play to be frustrated!

I've been having issues with not being able to send dishes to my friends and because of that, i'm not getting any back, which is causing me to not be able to complete some quests...i have written to CafeLand several times regarding this, but nothing ever gets fixed! What can i do to have this corrected? I'm just about ready to throw in the towel on this game!

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