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Leveling Up when I complete a task

Just last week on Thursday, 10-12-17@ 1:18 pm. I leveled up to # 639. And then @ 1:34 am on Friday, It stated I leveled up to # 639 again and it should have read Level # 640. On Saturday, 10-14-17 @ 12:42 pm, I leveled up again and this should have been # 641 and it stated 640. On Sunday, 10-15-17 @ 7:20 pm I leveled up again and it stated 641 but, it should have stated # 642. And on Monday, 10-16-17 I completed another task and I leveled up and it stated 642, and it should state # 643. You can look onto my Timeline and see where I have completed all of these Levels and they counted 639 twice and now my Cafe' Level's are off when I keep leveling up daily. And same with my Cafe Cash. When I just complete the Granny # 34 the Cauliflower Bites 1/12 and I never received any of my Cafe Cash, when I completed each Task Quest. I started this on Wednesday, 10-11-17 @ 9:41 am and completed all the 12 Quests on Sunday, 10-15-17@ 7:32 pm. How long will this take to correct? Thank you, Casaundra Walker-Redic

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