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Club League Task

Dear Gamegos Admin, I would like to report a bug on my Cafeland league task. My league task for the 2nd season did not refresh, its the same task as before. The quest is done even i haven't started yet, also, i dont have club points contribution and i cannot do the quest since its done already. No reward for the club nember, no gold thumbs upnreward for me and no club ponits for our club. Attached screen shot below for your reference. Club task is done but i haven't started the quest, and there is no points.

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Dear Admin, myself and another friend in the same club have the same problem. Please provide a solution?

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I'm having the same issue.... its been hours and still no fix! Tonilou

our team is having same problem    please advise 

It's so disappointing when so many of your team have worked so hard! I think about 7 in my club have this issue! So annoying :(
I've potentially lost 3560 league points in this tournament for my team and probably lost our first place... I'm so annoyed! :(
Dear Admin, I tried to exit and rejoin the club. The task gets rebooted and its working now BUT I see a message that says "you won't earn tournament rewards at the end of this tournament season since you joined this club after the tournament ended. Which brings to mind... Our team was 1st in League 9 ib the last tournament but when it ended. The rewards were not received. This is extremely disappointing.
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