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Most Profitable Dishes

So I have decided to get mathematical about the game, finding out which dishes yield the most profit per dish.  These are my findings.

*I am only level 11 in the game as I kind of stepped away from the game and forgot about it.

**The formula for how I did this was simple.  I multiplied the servings and price per serving together then divided that total from the cost.

I am listing these from most profitable to least.  This will be a top 5 and I will also include some of the dishes to try to stay away from as they are the least profitable.

1. Raspberry Delish.

    290 servings, 20 coins per dish, 1200 cost, 4.83 Total Profit per dish/ 4600 coins profit

2. French Fries

    20 servings, 6 coins per dish, 40 cost, 3 per dish Profit/ 80 coins profit

3. Breakfast Plate

   300 Servings, 15 coins per dish, 1500 cost, 3 per dish profit/ 3000 coins profit

4. Sausage Spaghetti

   265 Servings, 14 coins per dish, 1400 cost, 2.65 per dish profit/ 2310 coins profit

5. Crab Macaroni

   265 Servings, 14 coins per dish, 1400 cost, 2.65 per dish profit/ 2310 coins profit

The 3 dishes to stay away from are as follows

1. Ham Sandwich

   15 servings, 5 coins per dish, 60 cost, 1.25 per dish profit/ 15 coins profit

2. Hot Dog

   30 servings, 4 coins per dish, 80 cost, 1.5 per dish profit/ 40 coins profit

3. Tomato Soup

   40 servings, 5 coins per dish, 130 cost, 1.53 per dish profit/ 70 coins profit

The results may be a little skewed in terms of total coins profit because of the fact of how many servings you get from each dish.  That is why there is the per dish profit and the total coins profit.

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Okay, I missed a few dishes and these were pretty impactful to the results.

the new top five is as follows.

1. Fruity Pancake

    735 Servings, 23 Coins per Dish, 1950 Cost, 8.66 profit per dish/ 14,955 total profit

2. Chocolate Queen

    610 Servings, 20 Coins per dish, 1950 Cost, 6.25 profit per dish/ 10, 250 total profit

3. Pumpkin Soup

    685 Servings, 19 Coins per Dish, 2100 Cost, 6.19 profit per dish/ 10,915 total profit

4. Caramel Cups

    470 Servings, 20 Coins per Dish, 1700 cost, 5.52 profit per dish/ 7,700 total profit

5. Maple Roasted Acorn Squash

    415 Servings, 20 Coins per Dish, 1550 cost, 5.35 profit per dish/ 6,750 total profit

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