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Quickest way to find Dirty floor

Can you set up a 'show me' for the dirty floor in popularity tips? It made things easier to search for dirty floor instead of searching for every single places slowly, especially when they could be hiding behind tall vending machine & we couldn't see it.

Because it kept appearing behind tall object, I have to rearrange my restaurant to make cleaning easier for me.

Another thing that made me frustrated was when I couldn't find the dirty spot & the popularity tips kept telling me there's dirty floor. Could it be a game bug? Because I checked every spot but there wasn't any dirty spot, unless they were hiding under chairs, tables & stoves, I wouldn't know unless I start shifting the object around which waste my earning money time...

I don't expect you to show every dirty floor, you could set it to show one at a time so we could clean the spot we missed, & then press it again to find the other.

I use the robotic floor brush and only turn it on when the quest asks me to clean the floor.

that if one have enough hearts or if one was willing to use the heart
I don't have enough heart to spare for that machine & I like to clean manually.
I just get frustrated because one can't tell if there's a bug or not unless one reload the game.

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