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Getting Coins

Getting coins to purchase things I need for my popularity tips is almost impossible to get. Everything costs so much and it takes forever to get coins saved up to buy the things I need. Can you please make it easier to get coins? Either lower how much things cost or higher coin rewards for quests. I like the 10,000 for the Friendly Suggestions Quest but I can't finish that quest.

None of my friends will help me finish the Friendly Suggestion Quest so I can't finish it. It costs 220 cash to buy it but I don't have enough cash either. It's pretty difficult to get cash sometimes too. I see more cash and heart rewards from quests than I do coin rewards. Maybe even tips could be more than just one coin.

I also noticed there are some things in the Fun section like a Pool Table, Air Hockey Table, Foosball Table, Coin Op Rodeo, Darts, Pinball, Arcade Game, Slot Machine, Fortune Teller, Jukebox, etc. I thought you got coins from the customers playing or doing those things. Then I don't know if you do get coins from some or not. I only have two out of all those. I don't get coins from those so I am going to assume you don't get coins from others either. Why not get coins from all those?

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