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Am I banned or what?


We are evaluating your game scores at the moment. Your game will be activated soon!

How much I will wait to Cafeland fix this problem 10 days?

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I'm stuck on this too!! i purchased the St. Patty's day package... they messed up and gifted me the 50% off package instead of the 75% off. So i made a ticket and they adjusted it within an hour. I was selling off floor tiles in my warehouse for extra coins.. next thing my game is down and it's been over 72 hours. Nothing. I have 6 open tickets with them, and they are all being processed by the agent Georgina, and nothing is being done. 

It has been like over a week since I received that same notice in my game. I also sold off a bunch of stuff in my inventory for the coins to redecorate my cafe and then they shut it down,

How can I figure out if I have a ban and if I do have, for what reason? Because it gives me "host not reachable" and "Page not found"...

I have never used cheats or tools to manipulate the game! I like fair play. I just experience blank page with Page not found.

Gamegos worte we are evaluating your game scores at the moment ,your game will be activated soon

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