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Offer New Decorations More Frequently, Please!

Arguably, the most fun aspect of this game is the opportunity to redecorate one's Cafe with new themes.  Without it, the game is circular and there is really no inspiration to play for a long period of time.  Gamegos and the very mechanism by which Cafeland functions, encourages daily play -- even multiple times daily -- by players.  This makes a particular decor theme stagnate quickly for the player (ie, boring.)  Currently, it seems new decor is offered about every 3 weeks, at best.  It seems reasonable that new decor themes could be released every 2 weeks, but even better, why not weekly?  Cafeland has been in existence for many years now; you could cycle older decor to accommodate some this greater frequency of new decor, if necessary.  It seems like creating new decor options would not only generate the opportunity for more revenue for Gamegos, but would also be more fun for its graphic designers.  Additionally, and related, please offer more interesting and frequent "special buys" and give-away games (heart spinning game, bingo, etc.)  Thank you.

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