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Bingo in cafeland stuck

I have spent more than 700 hearts in bingo in the cafeland and I did not complete all the windows because the bingo stuck it does not work, I would like very much you can  fix this problem and be able to have all the windows

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I am playing bingo and the last # I got didn't give a my curtain window or the free window. Please

fix this for me before time runs out.  Thank you

    Marsha Hanson

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Bitte um Hilfe, beim Bingo geht es nicht weiter, weil die 77 hängen bleibt.Ich habe nicht alles bekommen. Bitte helfen, Vielen Dank

I got all the numbers, too, and only one part of the breezy window. I'd like the whole set, please and thank you!

Me too.Spent over 650 hearts  get only 3 windows.All stack  I can't purchase  all is thickest.Please help me fix the problem TY in advance.Elizabeth

I have the same problem with the Breezy Window bingo. Can this be fixed asap?

I do not think they fix it I report the problem a week ago and still do not do anything

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