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Are u serious?100 dollars expansion

After all the money I spent on this game, the new developers expect me to pay 100USD for expansion (7000 café cash)?????

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You know, Lori, I agree with you and Anwar!!!!! this is a long time gripe of mine w/ Cafeland. Sorry guys of CL, you are the closest thing to Playfish's Restaurant City and tbh that is the ONLY reason some of us play at all. Let me suggest (as I have a thousand times before to Cafeland via Facebook) that YOU NEED TO GIVE FREE EXPANSIONS WITH EACH LEVEL UP!!! This is basic. I mean; I don't even understand how this is not a thing? Restaurant City did this and it enabled us to create MAGNIFICANTLY beautiful and creative restaurants AND IT MADE US WANT TO KEEP ON PLAYING AND BUYING THINGS TO DECORATE. The poorest decision the keepers/ creators/ evil misers of Cafeland game do is to NOT GIVE EXPANSIONS with leveling up. SO basic to do this!!!! Stingy not too and frankly the game gets SO BORING AND HOPELESS b/c we have to play for months and months to get anything new going in our resto. WHY OH WHY won't you let us have an expansion w/ ea. new level achieved? And why are all the pretty things only things rich ppl in real life can buy? If restaurant city was around I'd be like "see ya!" But alas you are the closest thing to it so plz be nicer to your committed bee-playing-for-years players, you big meanies!!! 

The amount of money to play this game is ridiculous! I need to expand but need to buy more expensive decor to make my customers happy. Happiness meter is never full so not making much money. Some quests need hundreds of hearts for a measly reward. Not much fun going on in Cafeland!

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