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My mastery Dish stats are gone

Suddenly game says I haven't mastered any dishes or ever cooked any food. I'm on Level 101 and have mastered plenty.

Ticket I started for this a week ago has not been solved but they closed my ticket. Still showing I mastered 0 dishes on level 101
Update: Was told sorry but can't fix it, here's $1million coins and 1400 green bills. But when u have over $13 million already that you earned, being given that doesn't matter compared to the fact that now game shows I mastered 0 dishes so I don't have many customers anymore so daily I am losing a lot of money. The 1400 green bills is nothing when I used it to expand to bigger cafe that still has few customers compared to what I had when I had over 100 dishes mastered. This is Unfair to say the least.

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