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Wall Street ???


I'm fairly familiar with the company (have done research, read past postings. etc). I have several years of teaching experience in Korea and have almost completed a Masters degree in education from a top-tier school, so I think I would be a strong candidate for the job. 

However, is there anybody out there in ESL Cafe-Land who can tell me what the current conditions are like and (more importantly) whether or not they are hiring at the moment?? Can you recommend a specific branch? I would like to work in Seoul. 

I am very interested in the part-time contract. Ideally, I would like to work for them for a few hours in the evenings or mornings, supplementing my income with after-school classes in the afternoons. For those who work or have worked there, how feasible is this? If you already have/had a similar set-up, how long did it take you arrange the second job? Finally, how long did it take to work out your housing and did you have to bring over a lot of money to furnish your apt? 

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you. 

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