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Mission Progression Problem!!

For the "Celebrations" Missions it told me that I need to "Charge my coffee machine 3 times" and I don't even own one let alone want to spend 200 cash for it. Is that a bug or are you guys just trying to get me to pay to win? Either way it's really unfair and I'm not able to progress with the missions, please help. 

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Buen dia en la mision actual de cafeland etapa 7 segundo item,me pide pedir a tres amigos solicitarles RSPV Cuando le das click alli, te manda a enviar regalos y son platillos, pero entonces que es RSPV

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Que es el RSVP?

forget it some neighbors help me to guess, what is RSPV ,by the way there have been a lot of errors in the game they ask us to do something but the image shows another, so we have to be guessing , what you really want us to do

Can't open cafe clubs
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