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Refrigerator storage decreased

Why have we all lost a significant amount of refrigerator storage, that we all paid for with cafe cash? Now you make it harder to build up cash, increase ingredients for sauces, increase cash amount for celebrity visits while lowering the time limit for required celebrities during tournaments? We used to have rewards of 3 cash, now only one. Is it intentional that this game is simply getting more frustrating so it will require that we spend our own money just to get by? There are many people in my group alone and I am sure every other one as well that see this as a sneaky ploy to squeeze money out of people just trying to enjoy a game. I was told now, after you decrease forage space, paid for by earned cafe cash, one player was told if she wants to increase it, she will have to pay $300.00 cafe cash!! Are you people nuts?! That answer is yes, by the way. WHY???
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