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Cafe Club Team Looking For More Members

If you are looking for a dedicated and friendly club for Cafeland, check out Maestro Chef. We have over 20 dedicated, friendly, and helpful me members putting up over 130,000 points every week. We have been in the top 3 levels for several months, but are hoping for even more members to stay at the top. My cafe name is BurgerChef. Hope to see you in the club soon!

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are you still adding folks?  im still on the new side  ty


CJ's Bistro have plenty of empty spots for anyone who is looking to join a club. This is a friendly environment, we play every tournament and challenge. No need to spend cash to complete a task, that choice is up to you. We are all about fun. Thank you!

I created a cafe club called the winning team. I need active participants please. Its a game and if we all participate we all win. Please join my club

Hi, we are actively looking for new members that are active. Please join our club. Club Name - Champions Chefs. Look for a logo with black background with fork and spoon in the middle and red banner. See you all there! 

I'm looking for active members for my club! I am always very active, I'm competitive so I won't quit til we win, come join my club at master chefs
Looking for new members!!! Team name is “Winning Team Cafe”. We are looking for active members to join our new team! We are very active and competitive during the tournaments.
We love playing and winning! Come join us at Macaroon Cats!
MUNCHKINS has been an active club for 2 years and due to spring and summer months we are in need of 12 more active players. Level 100 required and we are open membership until we fill up again.
Join my team we are active and we help other's! You need to be active or you will be kicked!! The name of my club is Chef warriors

We are a new team. Called rise and shine. Minimum requirement is level 75 for now, just trying to build a team.

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