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Cafeland level up progress not posting

When I'm in my cafe and have leveled up, it shows that progress box.  But when I click on it to post, instead of it going to my wall, I'm getting this stupid generic Cafeland ad post.  Why and when are you going to make it stop so that our level up postings will display on our walls?  I took a screenshot yesterday of my level up progress in my cafe before I clicked on it to post.  But what keeps showing up on my wall is not that, but this red headed Cafeland post instead.

Bobbi Harrison

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I am having the same issue and put in a ticket about it. I was told that Cafeland Games go is aware of the issue and working on it.

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I have this same problem and nothing has been fixed as of yet. They closed my ticket and should have left it open. at present, I leveled up again today and took a snapshot to post in the groups on Facebook for Cafeland. Snapshots are good to a point but you can't get any rewards or pointe etc etc from them

18 days later...

It's just disgusting that Gamecos still hasn't fixed this glitch so that we can actually post our level ups and people can collect on them again.

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