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Adobe update

I have updated Adobe flash at least 4 times now and cannot make the update screen go away.  My computer is current and up to date. How do I resolve?

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I wish I knew the answer to that! I had to install it 3 times yesterday to get my game to work. Then I have done it 4 times today! My control panel tells me its in my computer. My cafe loads and runs in the background while the AF thing sits there telling me I have to install it. I sent a ticket to Gamegos and told them that if they dont get it fixed im giving up the game. Im not going through this every day just to play

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I don't remember how many times I have installed the flash....    Causing me to get really angry!!!    

Yes, I let them know about this!!

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I reported this about 8 hours ago, nothing has helped. I am having the same frustrations as Debbie and Patty! Haven't been able to return any requests, and all my food is spoiled in the background behind the stupid Flash Player window! AAARRGG!

If I want to play I have to do it on IE for now

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