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Glitches and bugs

I am mastering gingerbread to earn mastery hat for the gold vouchers and suddenly when i already mastered it it wont appear with the task. Why is like that? Am working so hard with my cafe and earn nothing. And also the jumpy beans serving amount decrease. From 1400 serving now its 140. Please give some action about it fixed the bugs and glitches. Thank you

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I have the same problems too!! I have try to master many kind of dishes but ending up my task is not updating with the game!
I dont know what kind of change they made for the cafe why the game is always messed up even mastering the dishes. Its hard nowadays to do the task and mastering the dishes but we dont earn nothing i hope the gamegos support team will do some actions about this

I have same problem.

Same problem still not fixed.
I've had this problem for a long time now. Any update from support about resolving this issue?
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