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recent issues on cafeland and market land

the past three days me and hundreds of my cafe friends are having issues in our cafes we are receiving hundreds of gifts from same person and quests keep popping up and reposting what is going on ?

There is a massive issue here with everyone experiencing the very same thing as above. Please let us know what is going on to correct the issue.

Same here. Several different 'friends/neighbors' are sending and requesting 50 items at a time. I just tested it....all 47 strawberry pops sent to me from the same person is now in my inventory. 

And I had several new friends, all Arabic names, that I did not add. They have since been unfriended.

This is really irritating and time consuming.

Why can i only recieve 50 gifts now. Every day I don't get half my usual number of gifts. I use to get 100 at a time

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