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10 free simple Characters of Printable Coloring Pages

We created 10 free simple characters of printable coloring pages for both kids and adults. Here are the 10 best printable coloring sheets for kids and adults to print with your favorite colors. These include crayons, coloured pencils, marker pens, and paint. Just click on the pages below to download and print them.


1. Adults Sun and Moon


This picture is a design of the Sun and the Moon. Both of them are both looking happy. The sun has cheeks that are blushing. Also, he has bright rays around his face. The moon is not a full moon. Hence, the moon is looking at the sun.

2. Unicorn Coloring Page


Unicorn coloring pages allow kids to travel to a fantastic world of wonders while coloring, drawing and learning about this magical character. Beside a fun and educative coloring pages, it helps children increase their creativity. They don’t need to follow the generic coloring of white body and silvery horn, they can color the unicorns with many different colors.


3. Venice, Italy Coloring Pages



This item is the scenery of Venice in Italy. Venice is an ancient city but there are no streets. Instead, there are only water channels for moving from one place to another. There are low, narrow boats known as gondolas that people use to travel.

4. Lion Coloring Pages




5. Shark Coloring Pages



Sharks coloring pages for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children to print and color.


You can also see more 5 coloring pages as follows:


6.  Alphabet Coloring Pages

The alphabet coloring sheet is a good way to introduce your preschool children to the letters of the alphabets.

7.  Coloring of Shape Recognition

Shape recognition pages are very useful for children’s cognitive development.

8. Princess Coloring Pages


Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess. They dress up like a princess and enjoy pretending like one. These princess coloring pages with long flowing gowns, unicorns and a handsome prince would make their dream more exciting.


9. Flower Coloring Pages


Flowers are vast and so much fun to color. It's easy to let your creativity soar. Print and share these flower coloring pages with your children.


10. Car Coloring Pages


These cars coloring pages feature race cars, clown cars, and everything in between! You'll find cars coloring pictures for all types of kid motorists.

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