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Bingo still has 2 25 Numbers

Hi Gamegos Staff(s), or any help would be fine. Since the Bingo started on Tuesday, November 19th, the Bingo Game...has been troubling me getting 2 25 numbers, and it did say that I have collected all the numbers, and all the awarded gifts has been collected even the last one at the end. Now, it shows that I still need to get the second one, and the last one which I have already collected. (It did have check marks on the right hand corner but now no check marks)...Must be a glitch. Also, Everytime, I play Bingo, it always says I have collected all even the last one...then after refreshing the has no check marks on the awarded gifts at the bottom. So, when it is over, it always ask me to buy the last one. Sorry, I can't copy, and paste...the picture of the Bingo Game on here. Thank you for looking into it for me.
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