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Bad club. Recommendations?

Today I got kicked out of my club for doing too many tasks because apparently that isn’t team work even though I go out of my way to help out others in my club complete their tasks. I got way more upset about this than I should have but we were in the top and I scorend almost 19,000 of our points and now I won’t get the prizes for them winning D,: I decided to cook a 48 hour dish on all of my ovens and take a 2 day break from the game and calm down before joining another club. The one that kicked me for too many tasks (without telling me ahead of time that was a rule) is Granny‘s Cafe and I don’t recommend it because whoever is in charge is on a clear power trip but I’m currently level 99 and love to complete tasks and help people if anyone has a good fit of a club for me it’s hard to find high level active ones these days.
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Hey Ellie Smith join our club..Its called Angel Delights, looking for hard players like you..Hope you join us..
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