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I just got this message! Is Cafeland really shutting down for good ?? 

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Yes i have a question, why i u closing down cafeland, that is the only cooking game i love playing, and all  my hard work to build this cafe u all just going to shut it down, not fair at all.

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I would like to know the answer to the question also. Is Cafeland really shutting down or is there another way to connect online?

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Guys Cafeland is such a good Game Can You Fix what the issue is there is about 3 months I agree it takes time to play a Game I am on level 440 Cafeland There has to Be was to Fix that issue?

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it shuts down if you dont use windows 10 , im still running on windows 7 and it uses flashplayer and flashplayer stops after december 31 . cafeland isnt goig to disapear we are forced to buy a newer version of windows. as if we all have the money growing on trees and do whatever microsoft wants. im thinking about to keep on using my pc but put linux on it cause its free and you dont need to buy another pc or another expencive operating system that doesnt requires flashplayer cause with linux its 'build in' ;)

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Windows 7 is not the issue. Flashplayer is going away and so Cafeland is going away. Can we access our game on another website? Or does everything go away including the money we spent???

How do we get an answer - this question has been asked for weeks and weeks.

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Why did you delete my comment?

I have a Message Why Did I comment, I commented Because, I was told Cafeland in December is going away, Guys I just purchased a New Lap Top so I can play Cafeland on, 435 levels took a long time to play, There must Be away to play Cafeland I agree There has to Be another Website To play, You have 3 months to get this To Work, Guys This same thing happened To Me playing Scrabble,  please help all that like playing Cafeland. I just read 2 million people play this game  Thank You, Robert J. Kay Thank You,

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Do we get our Money Back when u close this cafe land down after we build our levels so high and spent so much money, i still have money in my cafe do i get it back ?

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I'm in L432 spent lots of money. Love this game all us cafeland players are dedicated and love this game and your just shutting it down without trying to come up with solution. And what about all the money we've all spent building our cafes. "

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Isn't there another way to run this game?  How about using an HTML version of the game?  I really love this game and I truly hate to see it go away.

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As you can see, Gamegos isn't responding....they don't address your complaints.

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Gamegos has no problem excepting your money though. Pretty sad they can't respond to anyone post

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I am still playing until the very end but not doing as many game events and quests.. I am on level 1560 and hoping they will reconsider keeping the game open. I am shocked at the lack of response by Gamegos. There are millions of Cafeland players that are still active and closing down the game without making an effort to use the new software would be foolish of them in my opinion. All other games that I play are remaining open after Flash ends because they have developed new software. This is sad. 

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 By telling us they cant make money till the last min,and protected from refund on tos

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