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Facebook Cafeland

 I saw a message on facebook saying Cafeland will not be available any longer because of flash player. Why is there no other way to play Cafeland? Why can it not be upgraded to a new "player" . So many players devastated about this news including myself. Please try to keep this game running. Do not make the same mistake Zynga made with Cafe World.

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I enjoy this game but when things go wacky, Gamegos is no help! I am always getting error messages when a new challenge is being launched. Yesterday all of my neighbors and CL friends were deleted. Of course I put in a ticket and received an answer...I was told it was Facebook. I am aware that inactive people were taken off by FB but I lost all of my neighbors and friends. This is unacceptable! So while I was playing "ping pong" with Gamegos and Facebook, I fixed my game. Now all of my neighbors and friends are on my bar.If the game ends in December I don't really care. Good bye Cafeland! No more headaches!

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I understand that the game will be going away but I've just started playing and I intend to keep enjoying it until then.  My problem is I have no friends or neighbors and I've come upon some quests where I need some.  Could someone please add me?

I am level 1117 and been hear since before Cafe World closed down and beat me for 900 in Cafe cash and 40 million in coins. They screwed a lot of the players, I home and pray you don't do the same thing as Zynga did. I made a suggestion for you to get WEB-GL to replace the flash player. You need to look into getting WEB-GL

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This is unacceptable. You must come up with a way that we can continue playing Cafeland. I have invested a lot in this game and am almost to level 500. What a disappointment. This is the only game that I play daily and you need to consider all of the loyal players who really enjoy to play the game and come up with a fix. We can't all come up with the money to invest in a new computer or operating system if that is indeed the issue. With Cafe World snatched away from players Cafe land it the only cooking game except for the Dash games with the angry customers demanding service which I find vastly annoying. We want some solutions please.

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Mal eine Frage bei Klondike haben sie auch zuerst Flaschplayer benutzt, jetzt ein anderen warum ist es bei Kafeland nicht möglich einen anderen Flaschplayer zu nutzen anstatt Leute die schon Jahre lang Kafeland Spielen so abzuschißen damit sie sich ein anderes Spiel suchen sollen wie Lange 10 Jahre und dann wieder ein anderes Spiel suchen

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