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People's Choice Cookbook


On the old forum many of us suggested new dishes in the game.

My proposal to implement these dishes is as follows:

In the Foods menu, there is room for another tab button. Place a "People's Choice" tab between the "Cookbook" tab and the "Kitchenware" tab buttons and put the dishes we suggested in there - these dishes to remain locked until we earn enough kitchenware to unlock the dish we want to cook in the game.

Currently there are 53 dishes in our cookbook that do not hold a kitchenware symbol to count towards unlocking any new dishes. That is more than enough dishes to introduce 4 new kitchenware symbols for us to count towards unlocking a new dish in the People's Choice cookbook I have suggested.

By introducing these 4 new kitchenware symbols, you would need to add a page 2 to the "kitchenware" tab button along with similar quantities to collect of each symbol to unlock the next dish which we can choose from.

My suggestions for new kitchenware symbols are:

* chopping board

* whisk

* measuring spoons

* mixing bowl

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